How We Make the Magic Happen

We are here to design and create the gown of your dreams.
From simple to couture, we want you to have a dress that is perfect for you. Don't like dresses you've tried in stores?
Love the top of one, but the skirt of another? 
Break free from commercial chains and
get EXACTLY what you want!
First, we meet with you locally or through video chat and talk through your wish list. If we are all on board, the process begins to make your dream a reality. Not sure this is what you want? No problem. This part is free!
Next, we take your measurements or instruct you on how to take your own, if necessary. We will finalize any style points and make a "mock-up" of your dress out of muslin. Muslin flows like most silks and satin type fabrics without the cost. This allows you to try on your dress to ensure perfect fit before we make the real thing. If you're not local, don't worry. We will ship this to you. Any issues with fit or style can be altered during this stage.
Finally, the real fun begins! We create the gorgeous gown you designed.Depending on the event, we prefer 6-12 months for completion, so keep that in mind. We make it easy for you so all you have to do is wear that dress like it was made for you. Oh wait, it was!